Your imagination, our Vision

We thrive where others can not see


Development of numerous projects with nature of service, production and commerce in Kosovo, to achieve a staff of 3000 people in a time frame of 2-3 years.

Project portfolio planning

Development of project standards

Project strategies

Staff training

Project monitoring

Project support

What do we do?

Keep and mantain projects from the initial stages of the idea, all the way to implementation and execution.

Design project portfolios by setting priorities based on available resources, prepare drafts and strategies.

Standardize project management methods and processes.

We have developed a database of information and communication.

Train project leaders and their shareholders.

Offer administrative and operational support for our project partners.

Plan the resources according to the actual level of the portfolio, making the optimal solution for their use.

Be fully transparent regarding our current and planned projects by updating data from each project.

Have built a knowledge base that includes: best practices, learning from mistakes and avoiding them.


To do

  • Kodeus
  • Labor Kosovo
  • Portali


  • Cryptokleinshop
  • Neutral-Trades


  • Travida Travel
  • BlejBTC
  • ShesBTC
  • Prishtina Immobilien