About Us

FMS History

The FMS has started its activity in July 2018. It is a branch of Germany-based FMS, designed to start and consolidate its operations in Kosovo.

Who is FMS

FMS is a different Project Management Organization Office that would be developed. The volume of these projects is increasing, as well as complexity. This office keeps records and traces of processing various projects, their risks and decision-making. Senior project managers have important and concrete things about their projects, but the FMS central office is a centralization of all projects, a multi project manager. It “anchor” all projects in one center.

So FMS is an organizational office for centralizing and coordinating the management of all projects.


The FMS has a lot of organic saying that the “Tool Meets the Purpose”, since the purpose or objective of this Central Project Management Project is the development and financial solu- tions for this development.

FMS as a Flexible Organ

FMS complements the company hierarchy flexibly and depending on the specific tasks defined.

At the corporate level: FMS as the strategic linkhead of the Project Portfolio Manager mentioned above is responsible for: planning, setting priorities and controlling projects. Establishing standards and procedures in their project management, and working closely with the management.

At the Department or Project level assigned: The FMS is responsible for project control, resource management, and the creation of synergistic effect between departments (projects).

At Project Level: FMS is responsible for controlling and supporting the activity, and collaborating with Project Managers.