About Us

A short History of FMS

FMS, or Finance Management Solution, is a German company that opened its first branch in Kosovo in July of 2018, with its goal being the beginning and consolidation of its activities.

Who are we?

FMS is an office that primarily deals with managing and organizing projects, projects that are growing both in number and in complexity. Our office in Prishtina grows and maintains the database that houses all of these projects, starting from their ideation to the risks they face. We are part of the FMS net, a net with central offices in Germany that serves as a focal point for its offices around the world. FMS is an organizational company for the centralization and coordination of management for all of its projects.

Our duties include but are not limited to: Project planning, developing project standards, creating new strategies for project development, staff trainings, and the monitoring of every individual project, where we assist as needed.

Our Slogan: „Your imagination, our vision“

Our Mission: Developing and maintaining a variety of projects that will serve, produce, and trade in Kosovo, as well as maintaning a work force of around 3,000 people in three years.

Our Vision: „Tools justify the means“ is what best captures us, seeing as how our objective is developing projects and finding solutions to their monetary hiccups in order to develop them.

Our Duties

  • The use of our strategy to create a project portfolio while taking into account available resources.
  • Choosing, planning, and using our resources to their utmost capabilities.
  • Maintaining and updating a worker database, where the focus will be their goals and capacities in relation to our projects.
  • Standardizing managerial processes and methods for project development.
  • Choosing and training the right people with the right skill set.
  • Full transparency in regards to our current and future projects.
  • Building and maintaining an „experience database“ which up to this point contains: Learning from mistakes, most useful and efficient practices, and how to avoid mistakes.
  • Monitoring project progress, monitoring the budget and budget plan, monitoring project independence in relation to funding, and monitoring the feasibility of our project portfolio.
  • Training of project managers and their shareholders.
  • Assisting our project managers and their staff with administrative and operational issues.

FMS as an all-encompassing organ

FMS‘ hierarchy is organized in a flexible manner.

More precisely:

  • In the corporate level – FMS is responsible for: planning, handling of priorities, project control, creating and maintaining standards and procedures in a project, managing projects, and maintaining a close and working relationship with the management.
  • In the departmental level – FMS is responsible for: monitoring projects, managing project resources, and creating a synergistic atmosphere between departments.
  • At In the project level – FMS is responsible for monitoring and offering support, as well as creating a link between different project heads for future cooperation.